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Custom & production metal fabrication

MacGregor Yachts

Railmakers Inc. has been the major supplier of O.E.M. rails to MacGregor Yachts since 1980. Most of the rails made today for older models are welded on the same welding fixtures as the original factory parts. Most of the factory rails were welded using indexed fixtures so the mounting holes will align with the original holes in the deck. The original type 304 materials with stain resistant electropolished finish are still used on today’s rails, as well as the original tubing size and mounting plates. Today’s manufacture of the older rails is made to the design of the last production model made for that particular boat. Please review the models listed and the accompanying photos and drawings. Don’t see your model listed? Please contact us for information.

  • 21/22/23 - Bow, Stern, Ladder, stanchions and specific how to measure
  • 23 Venture - Bow, Stern, Ladder, stanchions and specific how to measure
  • 24/25 - Bow, Stern, Ladder and stanchions
  • 26 Classic - Bow, Stern, Ladder and stanchions
  • 26 X - Bow, Stern. Ladder, Forward Cockpit rails, Aft Cockpit Rails, Stanchions and Table
  • 26M - Bow, Stanchions, Ladder
  • 19/65 - These parts are available only by custom order

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Custom & production metal fabrication

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